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How We Help

Peninsula READS Adult Basic Literacy Program works primarily with American-born adults seeking to improve their literacy and/or math skills. Peninsula READS is committed to linking each enrolled learner with a trained volunteer whose task is to help him develop competence in reading, writing and/or math, the first step in advancing toward their goals.

Literacy teacher with signs of consonant sounds

The Goals

Learners enroll in the Adult Basic Literacy Program for a variety of reasons. Their future goals may include:

  • Obtaining a General Education Development certificate (GED)

  • Joining the military

  • Going to college

  • Increasing employment opportunities

  • Obtaining job promotion

  • Enhancing every day survival skills

  • Understanding written medical instructions

  • Filing insurance claims or completing tax forms

  • Reading to their children

  • Enjoying a newspaper for themselves


With the variety in reasons for seeking our help, all learners at Peninsula READS do have one thing in common: the need to increase their literacy skills to progress toward their goals.

The Process

  1. Basic Literacy learners are given an initial assessment using the standardized Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) to determine a baseline from which to begin to target these goals. At the time of initial assessment, a $45 intake fee is required. 

  2. Learners are matched on a one-on-one basis with trained volunteer tutors

  3. Regular meetings are then scheduled in a public place on days and times convenient to both. Peninsula READS’ facilities and public libraries are recommended for tutoring sessions.

  4. Periodically, learners are reassessed identify any challenges in the learning process and to ensure that progress is being made toward the learner’s objective.  


With the exception of intake, all services are free to the learner.

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